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Durham College intensifies efforts to lower electricity consumption in campus facilities

Long after classes have ended, the hum of fluorescent lights continues to fill the Durham College campus in Oshawa, signaling a significant, yet often...

Durham College’s FastStart: Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs

Durham College is home to FastStart, an incubator designed to support entrepreneurs in building their businesses, particularly the youth. The incubator offers a...

Durham College leads the way in sustainable agriculture education

Canada's agricultural education is flourishing, with a new generation of students eagerly embracing the diverse opportunities in the field.These students are not only learning...

Green entrepreneurship: Durham College student launches eco-friendly dandelion project

Warm weather in Canada ushers in blue skies, green grass and sunshine, but they also marks the return of a common homeowners challenge: dandelions....

International student artists encounter a mix of opportunities and challenges in Durham art scene

Durham Region is a diverse cultural centre where artists from various corners of the globe converge to share, celebrate, and showcase their unique artistic...

Juggling design dreams and studies: DC student’s tale of ambition and challenge

Cassidy Unra, a second-year Graphic Design student at Durham College, has transitioned from a business major to graphic design, a move she describes as...

DC and Ontario Tech students disappointed with limited field house hours

Students aren’t happy with the limited hours the Campus Fieldhouse is open.

Low bus frequency a constant problem for Durham

Buses are the primary mode of transportation for many people but DRT buses come infrequently.

The price of living as transgender is too high

*WARNING - Sensitive subject matter*

Durham College is making progress in creating Indigenous space

For many Indigenous youth across Canada, the thought of entering the colonial education system can leave a bad taste in their mouths.However, over the...

DC offers health check-ups for international students

Canada is known for welcoming international students and Ontario is a prime example. According to Statistics Canada, almost one-third of post-secondary students in Ontario...

Durham College has a new MAD dean with a passion for teaching

Barry Waite started teaching as an instructor at Centennial College in 2008 and began to understand what it means to educate and make connections...