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DC helps students get jobs through COVID-19

Looking for jobs during COVID-19?Durham College's (DC) career development coach, Alix Chasse, says the job market “started off a little bit slow,” at the...

OUA, OCAA make the right call in cancelling winter athletics

With budgets decimated, and player health on the line, both conferences made the right call to protect their student athletes.

Durham College’s acts of Truth and Reconciliation

“I want people to understand that Indigenous people exist today, Indigenous people are often talked about in terms of history, but we are still...

Esports’ emergence levelled the electronic playing field

Esports is unlike any other sport. When it comes to regular sports, an individual is limited to the physical capabilities. With esports, there is...

This smoking ban is absurd

The ban beyond campus imposes yet another challenge on an already stretched-thin student body.

Beam didn’t plan for this – but it worked out anyway

“Did I know that I would eventually land here doing this? No,” she laughs. “It just kind of evolved.”

Once a student, now director of financial aid

Chris Rocha reflects on the many students she sees and stresses that students need to see what funding is available to them.

Life is more than just work for Allison Hector-Alexander

Life for Allison Hector-Alexander is a mixture of work and home. Chronicle Reporter @tara_sottile finds out just how busy her days can be.

Ali of AI

Ali Hirji is the project manager at DC’s AI Hub, a position riddled with responsibilities and obligations that would overwhelm most people.

Lynch takes to the stage when not at work

Not many people on campus know the head of campus security doubles as an actor in his spare time.