Samantha Payne

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Samantha Payne is a student journalist at Durham College and reporter for the Chronicle. Growing up in B.C. sparked her interest in environmental reporting. Exposure to tabloids at a young age also drove her to explore entertainment and lifestyle journalism. You can reach her at

Walking a trail to remember the past

More than 30 people gathered on Friday for the Pass the Torch Remembrance Trail Walk at Camp Samac.The walk on Nov. 10 along a...

Fake it until you make it

Feeling down is the natural response to a bad day, but in the world of sports, athletes aren’t allowed to have bad days

Taylor Swift’s Folklore is a deep dive into personal growth

Young romance has a way of being intense and all-consuming. If you grew up listening to Taylor Swift, then you’ve heard all the stages...

Juggling design dreams and studies: DC student’s tale of ambition and challenge

Cassidy Unra, a second-year Graphic Design student at Durham College, has transitioned from a business major to graphic design, a move she describes as...

A primer on campus safety: code blues, fire alarms…and knapsack pulls

Have you ever wondered about the big red poles located around Durham College (DC)? Or why fire alarms go off in one part of...

Lords women’s volleyball scores academic honours

The Durham College women’s volleyball team dominated at the recent academic banquet where athletes were recently honoured.Elaine Popp, the vice-president of academics, spoke at...