Bhavya Shah

About the author

Bhavya Shah is a reporter for the Chronicle. Originally from India, Shah is passionate about photography, music and burritos. He can be reached at

Artist Brigitte Sampogna gives art a new definition

Walks in nature have been an integral part of Brigitte Sampogna's life. On a recent walk down a familiar trail, she stopped at a...

Oshawa’s first vertical farm founder discusses key challenges in the agriculture

Derrick Stevenson, the founder of Oshawa's first vertical farm Mighty Harvest, has shared the unique challenges he encountered as a young entrepreneur in the...

The iPhone 15 Pro elevates smartphone standards

The latest addition to Apple's smartphone lineup maintains the dominance we've come to expect from Apple's flagship models.Introduced in September, the iPhone 15 Pro...

Whitby artist Justin Mezzapelli shares a journey of creativity and collaboration

Justin Mezzapelli from Whitby, Ontario, has a multifaceted talent pool. He's an actor, writer, filmmaker, photographer, and a self-proclaimed “big Lana Del...

Netflix is the best streaming platform for students

Having made its presence in 190 countries, Netflix continues to reign streaming platforms.

The curtain rises on DRIFF 2023

For the first time, a feature film by a local filmmaker will be shown at the Durham Region International Film Festival.DRIFF is an annual...

DC and Ontario Tech students disappointed with limited field house hours

Students aren’t happy with the limited hours the Campus Fieldhouse is open.

Low bus frequency a constant problem for Durham

Buses are the primary mode of transportation for many people but DRT buses come infrequently.