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Netflix is the best streaming platform for students

Netflix is the best streaming platform for everyone, especially for college students. It is affordable, user-friendly, and has a ton of content on it.

With a wide array of shows like Peaky Blinders, Stranger Things, Narcos, Boss Baby series, 13 Reasons Why and many more, it appeals to all age groups alike.

Special care is taken to curate content from different countries. For instance, Netflix here in Canada also features blockbuster movies and series from India.

According to renowned American media website CNET, Netflix earned 103 Emmy nominations this year and ended last year by winning 26 Emmys.

CNET rated Netflix as the best overall streaming service in August.

It is economical. Monthly plans range from $5.99 to $20.99.

While the $20.99 plan sounds expensive, up to four screens can view it. Therefore, if four students decide to chip in, it comes to $5.25 per student per month. That’s less than the prize of a pizza slice.

It won the Editors’ Choice Award for 2023 for the third time, previously earned in 2021 and 2022.

Even with ads, the $5.99 plan doesn’t go above four-to-five-minute commercials per hour of content. YouTube who?

The best part of Netflix is its user-friendliness. If you have a subscription, you can watch anything and everything that’s up there. There are no additional subscriptions you have to take, or further purchases to be made in order to view the content.

A Disney Plus subscription starts at $7.99 a month with ads and $13.99 a month for the ad-free version. While it does have some great content like Marvel Studio movies and more, you get to watch limited content.

With Crave, there is great content, just like Netflix. But, it’s expensive. Plans start at $9.99 a month.

The same goes for Apple TV. Great content, great audio and video quality. However, plans start at $8.99 a month.

Amazon requires you to have a Paramount subscription for some of the content on it, which is an additional $9.99 per month. Furthermore, some of the content on it has to either be bought or rented.

Renting a movie on Prime costs $4.99 while buying it costs $22.99.

A recent CBC article states that Prime Video will put ads on shows and movies from early next year ‘unless they subscribe to an ad-free tier that would cost more.’

According to Global News, the additional cost for Canada hasn’t been disclosed yet. A Prime membership in Canada costs $9.99 per month. The ad-free tier for U.S. customers is an additional $2.99 per month on top of the $14.99 per month that they pay. No further comments.

To sum it up, Netflix still has the cheapest subscription plan among all other streaming platforms, at $5.99 a month.

Streaming in 190 countries, Netflix churns a lot of original content.

A Forbes article states that Netflix’s Squid Game raked up to 111 million views in the first 28 days of its debut. That is a full 29 million ahead of the former #1 series, Bridgerton. Staggering, isn’t it?

More than anything, you just tend to fall in love with the user interface of this streaming giant. It’s beautiful, like it’s content.

Let’s be honest, it is easy on the pocket. $5.99 a month for Netflix (with just a couple of ads) is a win.

When you come back home from a long day, weary and wanting to watch something while lying on the couch, you can either get asked to pay for content on a streaming service you’re already paying to, or just easily click on something and watch it without worrying about paying an additional fee for it.