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Netflix is the best streaming platform for students

Having made its presence in 190 countries, Netflix continues to reign streaming platforms.

Kaleidoscopes are colourful but the Netflix series is dull

Most people are accustomed to starting shows with the pilot episode but the new Netflix series Kaleidoscope challenges viewers to assemble the puzzle pieces...

Ted Lasso “Lassoes” fans’ hearts in this AppleTV+ show

When Apple announced they were turning an eight-year-old commercial about a coach with a glorious moustache who knows nothing about the sport he’s coaching...

Stay in to watch Bo Burnham: Inside

Bo Burnham’s newly released Netflix series Bo Burnham: Inside leaves the audience with so many mixed feelings but in the best way possible. Burnham...

Netflix show ‘Squid Game’ did not come to play

Squid Game is a sadistic yet heartfelt show that is deserving of Netflix's number one spot.The South Korean show was released in September and...

Why ‘Community’ is the ultimate television sitcom

Fans of pop culture often ask each other variations of a question involving an island, complete isolation and the availability of a single piece...