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The common-sense challenge makes sense

A Utah teen caused a car accident after she attempted to drive with her eyes covered for the Bird Box challenge. Keep in mind — nobody in the Netflix original with the same name actually attempted to drive blindfolded.

Toxic relationships are not romantic

From Netflix's latest hit, YOU to Orange is the New Black, toxic relationships have become an obsession in television.

Netflix – and chill – it’s worth the extra money

While some of the site's streaming enthusiasts may say the price is too high to pay, Netflix is still worth the investment even despite the imminent price hike.

Bird Box movie leaves audience chirping for more

After Netflix released its feature film, Bird Box, at the end of 2018, blindfolded Sandra Bullock memes and videos of the Bird Box challenge...

Netflix’s ‘Maniac’ will drive you crazy

The limited series, directed and created by Cary Joji Fukunaga (Beasts of No Nation) and writer Patrick Somerville, features Academy Award winners Jonah Hill (The Wolf of Wall Street) and Emma Stone (La La Land) as the main characters.

The Haunting on Hill House – an ‘eventful’ gem in family...

On podcasts, on the bus to class, and even in the Pit at Durham College, students cannot stop talking about The Haunting on Hill...