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HomeOpinionThe iPhone 15 Pro elevates smartphone standards

The iPhone 15 Pro elevates smartphone standards

The latest addition to Apple’s smartphone lineup maintains the dominance we’ve come to expect from Apple’s flagship models.

Introduced in September, the iPhone 15 Pro starts at $1,449 for the base model (128 GB) and goes up to $2,199 for the 1 TB model.

While the new Pro boasts of an A17 Pro chip, the best thing Apple did was replace the Lightning port with the USB-C port. According to The Guardian, this means the latest model can charge from practically any charger. The USB-C cable is used by all Android devices, PCs and Macs, iPads and other tablets, so you no longer need to buy special Apple cables.

For Apple users upgrading to the iPhone 15 Pro, the inclusion of a USB-C cable with the phone eliminates the need for a new charger, especially if you already own an adapter from a previous iPhone model.

Android users also benefit, as the iPhone 15 Pro’s USB-C compatibility allows for the use of existing Android chargers.

The iPhone 15 Pro features an all-new titanium body with four stunning colours, which are blue, white, black and a natural titanium shade. According to Apple, it is the first iPhone to feature an “aerospace‑grade titanium design, using the same alloy that spacecraft use for missions to Mars.”

The titanium body means a lighter and easy-to-handle iPhone. It is an astounding 19 grams lighter than its predecessor. That difference is evident as soon as you pick up a 15 Pro.

Another major change to the Pro models this year is the “Action” button, which replaces the traditional mute-switch.

Apple says it lets you choose which function you want the button to perform when you press it and you can choose the functions in settings.

iPhones have always been winners with cameras. The 15 Pro packs some nice upgrades, including a primary 48MP sensor that shoots 24MP pics by default. This enables shooting at three different focal lengths (28, 28 or 35mm).

A major camera upgrade is that you can now shoot portraits from all the three modes without having to worry about switching it to portrait mode. It doesn’t get the 5x zoom like the 15 Pro Max, but still manages to remain unparalleled with its camera performance.

The video output on the 15 Pro is flabbergasting. Most of the specs are the same as the 14 Pro, including shooting 4K videos at 24 fps, 25 fps, 30 fps or 60 fps and the Action mode.

However, the 15 Pro is the first smartphone in the world to get Academy Color Encoding System (ACES), which Apple describes as a global standard for colour workflows. ACES is basically a tool to manage colour in the postproduction phase of a motion picture.

To sum it up, iPhone 15 Pro doesn’t have a lot of changes, when compared to its predecessor. However, the USB-C, the all-new lightweight titanium body and the action button are some much-needed upgrades to the most popular smartphone franchise in the world. The minor upgrades on the camera and video quality also go a long way.

While the upgrade won’t be a significant one if you own a 14 Pro or 14 Pro Max, you can consider the jump if you’re using the 13 series or lower.