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DC and Ontario Tech students disappointed with limited field house hours

Students at Durham College and Ontario Tech University have expressed their disappointment with the limited hours the Campus Fieldhouse is open to them for drop-ins.

Student drop-ins are only available on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The Campus Fieldhouse, located on 80 Conlin Rd, Oshawa, is a shared indoor turf between the two institutions. It consists of two big turfs, complete with goal posts. Students from both the institutions can drop in to play soccer, lacrosse, or cricket.

As per the requirements, students must provide their student ID number at the desk outside. The fieldhouse offers facilities like a washroom, changing room and a candy machine.

Joel Bernard, a student from Ontario Tech, said the fieldhouse should be opened earlier. “If possible, they should be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.,” Bernard said. “Weekends are when most students are free to play.”

Viraj Prajapati, a Durham College student, occasionally goes to the fieldhouse. He said they should at least keep it open till 8 p.m. “With school, assignments and work, you [are only] free late in the evenings and by then, the turf is shut,” Prajapati said.

Rhese Chambers, is a field attendant at the fieldhouse. She said that as a student, she would “love for it to be open for a longer time.”

“But as someone working here, it’s important to offer time to the public. It’s how we make money,” Chambers said. “Students need to understand that we can’t be open all the time for them.”

Marta Pardo, the facility coordinator, said this is the arrangement they have with Ontario Tech for the fieldhouse to be open during the specified hours. “The students have an opportunity to come again through the intra mural programs, or through team practices,” Pardo said.

Tim Watson, the general manager at the fieldhouse and the Campus Ice centre there are certain factors to consider like cost. “Every student pays a small fee for the fieldhouse which covers the intra murals and drop-in times. We only use four hours on weekdays and the weekends for rentals.”

The turf is used by the Durham Lords soccer team for training. It is available to rent. According to the website, the turf can be booked for $135 an hour.