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Why everyone in their 20s should have a skincare routine

At some point in 2020 having a skincare routine became more trendy than low-rise jeans in 2001.

TikTok played a big part by allowing “skincare experts” to share their tips and tricks worldwide.

Hyram Yarbro, 24, is one of many self-proclaimed skincare icons on the app. He gained popularity in the early days of quarantine when people let go of make-up and embraced a bare face.

In a way, the “stay-at-home” policy encouraged the “self-care” movement. People of all genders were inspired to start a skincare routine of their own.

Aside from feeling rejuvenated and refreshed, there are many benefits to taking care of your skin.

The skin is a reactive organ and things like Ontario’s cold and dry winters make it extra important to start a skin care routine – even if it’s just cleanser and moisturizer.

According to Toronto-based medical esthetician, Victoria Radford, our skin ages faster in the winter. She recommends using extra moisturizer after cleansing and doing regular facials to keep your skin hydrated.

A skincare routine looks different depending on who you ask. After all, like snowflakes, everyone’s skin is uniquely their own.

Often people looking to start a new skincare routine might find themselves discouraged after what worked for someone else didn’t work for them.

It’s all about finding out what your skin wants.

A simple five step skin care routine looks like this:

Cleanse – The first step to any good skincare routine is washing your face. This removes dirt, excess oils and/or makeup from the skin – skip the face wipe (it’s to drying) and opt for a cleansing oil, it will cleanse without stripping.
Tone – Next, the toner, which can be gentle and hydrating or exfoliating and acne fighting. Despite which one you choose, a toner is primes the face allowing for better absorption.
Serum – Step three…serum… what is it? Essentially, it’s a shot of super concentrated skin food filled with nutrients, hydrators and antioxidants. This simple step is the heavy lifter in any skin care routine.
Eye cream – An eye cream is lighter and thinner than most facial moisturizers – always apply using your middle and ring finger, they are the weakest fingers and this will prevent excess tugging on your delicate under eyes.
Moisturizer – This is key! Always apply moisturizer, no matter what. Not only does it hydrate the face but it also acts as a barrier keeping all the products you just lathered onto your skin trapped and absorbing.
Sunscreen – Sunscreen is always last for one simple reason: it’s not meant to penetrate the skin but rather lay on top of it as a protective layer. Unless you don’t mind premature wrinkles and an increased risk of skin cancer then skip this step.

It’s time to stop neglecting our skin and pretending we won’t get wrinkles…

Indulging in a twice daily skincare routine will be a trend that lives on – unlike low-rise jeans.

Photo credit: Julia Sandy