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Some Durham College students getting COVID-19 vaccine

Some Durham College (DC) students have already received the COVID-19 vaccination while others have turned down the chance. Since the early days of the...
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How to celebrate Valentine’s Day pandemic style

It’s that time of year again, love is in the air…or not. This year, like most things, it will look different. Do I really need to go further at this point…2020…? No fear, here’s how to celebrate Valentine’s Day pandemic style.

2021 Valentine’s Day *in-person/virtual* date ideas:


Order in from your favourite (local) restaurant and stream a live performance.

What you need: Food/ drinks of your choice and device to play the live performance, the performance can be replaced with a good album or show.

Looking for inspiration? Check out Billboard’s Guide to Valentine’s live streams and concerts

At home paint night (wine optional.)

What you need: Find a tutorial on YouTube and acquire – paint, canvas, snacks and wine.

Looking for inspiration? Check out Ahmad Art

Have a spa day.

What you need: Gather what says “spa” from around the house this could include robes, face masks, essential oils and slippers. Grab a water jug and whip up some spa water (it’s just water infused with fresh fruit, popularly lemon and cucumber.)

Looking for inspiration? Check out Seven Easy Ways to Create a Spa Day at Home

Game night.

What you need: Board games, video games and sweet/salty snacks. Games can also be played amongst your friend group using apps like HouseParty and Zoom.

Looking for inspiration? Check out House Party

Bike ride, hike or nature walk.

What you need: A trail to explore, a warm drink and birdseed to leave for the little critters. (be cautious to keep a social distance from anyone outside of your household.)

Looking for inspiration? Check out AllTrails

A fondue party for two.

What you need: Cheese, chocolate and something to melt it with along with the food for dipping and your choice of at-home entertainment.

Looking for inspiration? Check out The ultimate fondue warmer

Video chat and bake dessert.

What you need: A device to video chat with and a recipe of your choice (make sure you have all the ingredients first) and a friend or two to join.

Looking for inspiration? Check out Pinterest

Curbside pickup/ door-deliver some craft beer (or wine) from a local brewer and have an at-home taste test.

What you need: at least 5 different options of craft beer and/or wine, cups of your choice and someone to enjoy them with… or not.

Looking for inspiration? Check out THE BEST 10 breweries in Oshawa

However, and whoever you decide to spend this special day with be sure to follow all social distance protocols and stay safe.

Happy Valentine’s Day ♡