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Don’t Worry, you’ll enjoy this movie, Darling

The movie Don’t Worry Darling is classified as a psychological thriller/horror but it shouldn’t be. Sure, there were a few semi-scary elements but there wasn’t nearly enough to put it in the “scary movie” genre. It is no wonder then social media was flooded with bad reviews and negative comments.

Regardless of how viewers feel about the film, people were excited to watch it, which is evident by the amount of money it’s reeled in. The estimate was $20 million by opening weekend, which has been massively surpassed. After just two weeks, the movie is currently sitting around $38.5 million.

The movie was released on Sept. 23, 2022 and already there are mixed feelings about the plot line, or arguably, the lack thereof. People have said there are gaping holes in the plot: gaps that leave many questions unanswered.

Sure, the movie was very entertaining and visually appealing. The scenes are all filled with eye-popping colours. All the houses look alike and so do the cars. The movie really plays with the five senses; bacon and eggs sizzle on the stove every morning, margarita glasses clink in the evenings.

The thriller revolves around Alice (Florence Pugh) and Jack (Harry Styles), a couple who live in a 1950s suburban oasis portrayed as the ‘perfect life.’ Alice soon figures out she is trapped and actively tries to break away. She refuses to believe this is her reality but everyone else is brainwashed and thinks she’s going crazy.

Pugh and Styles do a phenomenal acting job. Since they’re a married couple, the acting has to be convincing. The scenes where they wake up in the same bed or when Jack comes home to Alice after work shows the chemistry between the pair is completely natural. The fact they are good friends outside the film set really came in handy.

Fans of these celebrities know all too well the drama surrounding the star-studded cast. The director of the film, Olivia Wilde, has been romantically involved with Harry Styles since January 2021. Florence Pugh, however, is allegedly not too pleased with their relationship, which caused fans to pick sides in the fight.

Due to this drama and fans picking sides in the altercation, the audience has been judging the movie based on what’s happening off screen rather than the contents of the movie or plot line. Despite this, the movie stands on its own because the acting is good, the plot is easy to follow and the film is visually appealing.

The overall message here is people are leaving bad reviews for the wrong reasons. They think what happens outside of the movie is all that matters and they bash a good movie all over social media unnecessarily.

Head on over to a theatre and give it a try.

When you do, leave all the drama at the door.