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Kenzo’s 2021 spring collection creates a buzz

There was a lot of ‘buzz’ around the Kenzo spring 2021 collection, a launch that merged fashion with sustainability. The ready-to-wear collection was inspired by beekeepers.

Each of the 40 looks on the Paris Fashion Week runway in October, served a purpose and showed thought.

Former Lacoste creative director, Felipe Oliveira Baptista, took over as creative director for Kenzo last season in an effort to revive the brand. The change came after duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon presented their final collection as co-creative directors in June 2019.

In an article posted by Vogue, Oliveira Baptista said that an image of a beekeeper comes to mind when he sees a moment where humankind is bargaining with the ecosystem.

The runway started with a variety of veiled looks ranging from full to mid-length referencing Oliveira Baptista’s inspiration: the beekeepers.

His signature veiled looks were the most prominent on the runway turning an unconventional occupation into high fashion.

Oliveira Baptista’s collection also gave a certain feeling of familiarity with the current state of the world. Covered faces seem to be pretty typical in 2020 and although the veils showcased on the runway were not airtight, it still felt on-trend today.

Most of the looks on the runway consisted of pastel purples, mint greens, bright whites, and bold florals. The colours featured on the runway captured the essence of spring.

Floral patterns appeared blurry as if they were dripping down the fabric. In a letter about the show, posted on, Oliveira Baptista said the intentional blur was to make the flowers appear to be crying for the bees.

The floral pattern is almost like an optical illusion. At first glance, the photo looks blurry but it’s just the print that’s playing tricks on the eyes.

Some outfits on the runway took a more modest approach by stepping away from the bold florals and incorporating monotone cargo-inspired looks in pastel shades.

The cargo-inspired outfits featured deep side pockets on the pants with a knit sweater tied backward around the waist.

The runway backdrop was a garden… fitting, to say the least. Each model walked in chunky flip-flops down the stone catwalk, which was lined with rose bushes and arches made from greenery.

The garden backdrop brought together fashion and sustainability.

Kenzo’s 2021 spring launch proved fashion inspiration can come from anywhere. Olivera Baptista showcased his ability to create unusual high fashion.

For his second showing with Kenzo, Olivera Baptista proved he deserves a spot in the world of elevated fashion.

Everything on the runway from head-to-toe veils, monotone outfits, and netted accents worked. Olivera Baptista made bee-keeping outfits a fashion statement: almost too crazy to be true but, after all, you catch more bees with honey.