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The magic is back in Hocus Pocus 2

The much-loved movie Hocus Pocus has come back for round two. Twenty-nine years after the original movie debuted, Hocus Pocus 2 arrived on...

Frustration grows over lack of campus parking passes

Some students say they're paying almost $100 a week - even when lots are half full - and they want to know why.

Female journalists face threats of violence with no consequences in sight

Female journalists face harassment that goes as far as death threats.

Orange Shirt Day reveals DC’s latest steps towards truth and reconciliation

About eighty people joined Durham College's ceremony Friday at the Naanaagide’endamowin Courtyard.

Crave’s Queen talks ‘inclusivity’ at Durham College

Crave TV's '1 Queen 5 Queers' performs live for the first time from DC.

TSN’s Duthie takes us inside TV sports

When many people hear the name James Duthie, they think sports, TSN, broadcasting – or all three. There was a time when he...

Online life ‘very isolating’ for students

Since March 2020, students have had to adjust to life online. This meant not only learning online but also having social activities go...