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A final goodbye to Dynasty

Interested in a backstabbing family drama with twists and plot changes? Dynasty season five might be for you.

The explosive fifth and final season of Dynasty has heads turning over the escalating drama. This season was filled with deception, angst and second chances.

The final season of the soap opera has all the elements that made people fall in love with it from the start. The iconic fashion pieces, wild stories, and over the top melodramatics from Alexis (Elaine Hendrix) and Adam (Sam Underwood).

The CW reboot that ran from 2017 to 2022 took things to a whole new level when it came to family and all the things they would do to stay together and to rip each other apart. At some points, that meant framing people for murder, destroying old rivals and finding long-lost relatives.

Dynasty follows the Carrington family as they navigate and build businesses in Atlanta. The show revolves around Fallon Carrington played by Elizabeth Gillies as she leads this season picking up from last season when she was shot. This rough start allows her perspective on life to change. The once fierce unbreakable character takes a turn from her ruthless ways as she finally steps into the role of becoming a mother.

The show has a dark undertone which is covered up with jokes and silly scenarios that remind viewers it is a soap opera.

The real kicker of this last season arose in the final episode with the return of a beloved character. Not only was the return a shock to fans but the cast was delighted by the surprise as well. It was a great way to end on a high.

Showrunner Sallie Patrick allowed the characters to each get a proper ending: some got married, while others became parents and grandparents but most importantly everyone was able to come together as a family, even if it’s a twisted definition of family.

The last season of a series usually gets a bad reputation because fans claim they don’t do the show justice, but people might change their minds after watching this.

Fans of the show had to say goodbye to Anders, played by Alan Dale, as his character was killed off in season four. Coming into this season, people were on the edge of their seats, or bed or wherever they watched from, as they waited to see if anyone else was killed off.

The show has allowed viewers and fans to see the Carrington family feud, get closure and, of course, secure their Dynasty. The Carrington family continues to live on in the hearts and minds of its fans.