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MOCK DISASTER: Protest underway after party broken up at Majors Road apartment

Co-written by Vandita Kumar and Emily McPhail

More than sixty people are protesting in the parking lot at 22 Majors Road in Oshawa after by-law officers shut down a party in one of the apartments early this morning.

Protestors say they are tired of the current lockdown rules. The number of protesters has grown since partygoers were forced outside as passersby have since joined in.

Victoria Smith, who attended the party in apartment #310, says it was shut down around 1 a.m. because there were too many people in attendance. Smith says there were between 50 and 60 people in the apartment.

The Chronicle has confirmed that 51 people had signed into the party on a contact tracing sheet.

Officer Aidan Walker says that under the Reopening Ontario Act the current limit on indoor gatherings is five people.

Smith says partygoers spotted a man with a gun in the apartment hallway as guests spilled out of the apartment into the parking lot.

Another guest, Patricia Mclean, said she spoke to the suspected gunmen. She described him as a black male, wearing all black clothing and a black and grey camouflage face covering.

Walker has confirmed police are still looking for the alleged gunman.

A by-law officer was also treated by paramedics after allegedly being punched in the face by a male attending the party.

Police are still at the scene of the protest working with by-law officers to investigate.

Walker says no arrests have been made. However, he says the male suspected of punching the by-law officer has been “detained” for questioning.


The mock disaster took place online today as an experiential learning opportunity.

This exercise took involved students from a number of programs, including Journalism – Mass Media.

This is the third year for a mock disaster at Durham College.