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BalmDotCom LipSalve advances skin regimens

Glossier’s slogan “skin first, makeup second” is not just the phrase to describe the brand’s morals. It sums up the products it produces.

Balm Dotcom is one of those products that indicates this slogan. It is a flavourful and multi-purpose skin salve that’s easy to use, moisturizes dry skin, and has natural ingredients.

These are important qualities in this skin product and this shows the brand’s commitment and confidence in ensuring its consumers can put skin first while using their products. There is nothing like it.

Balm Dotcom can fit in the palm of your hands, and it’s easy to keep in your back pocket, just in case you need it throughout the day.

The balm comes in a squeezable tube with a screw-on lid, which makes it convenient and easy to use.

When opening the lid, a scent (depending on which option you choose) meets your nose. The product mimics the smell of fruits or herbs. This can be like a treat to the skin. There is also an unscented option for any sensitivity. It is called Original.

Lip tints are nothing new, but Glossier has been able to change the game with five of their tinted flavours; Rose, Cherry, Mango, Berry, and their limited-edition flavour, Wild Fig. Most of them are fruits and each smells like its aroma. More important than smell though, each locks in moisture without leaving the lips too shiny.

Flavours such as Birthday, Mint, and Coconut are options of non-tinted balms, if a colour it isn’t preferred.

As the tube is being squeezed, a thick and waxy, colourful or colourless Vaseline like consistency comes out. Cupuacu fruit extract is a long-lasting moisturizer with Omega-6 and 9 acids and this is what gives the product its thick and waxy texture.

Be careful not to squeeze a lot because a little goes a long way. At times it can be annoying when too much product comes out because it’s not possible to put the excess amount back in the tube.

The balm is very moisturizing. It is commonly used on the lips but can be used anywhere that needs a little moisture.

When applying the product on the lips, it leaves a bit of a sheer tint (depending on the flavour), but when applying on the skin, it appears colourless.

The balm contains petroleum jelly and it’s often referred to as the colourful Vaseline, but there are many important ingredients that contribute to the skin.

Balm Dotcom uses castor seed oil to ensure moisture is locked in. This is effective and can last all day.

Beeswax and lanolin are used in Balm Dotcom to protect skin from many rashes, or skin problems. Rice bran and rosemary leaf extract antioxidants to prevent skin damage.

These factor into why this product is great. It uses natural but safe ingredients, which provides multiple benefits for the skin. It’s multi-purposed, smells great, and there are many options to select.