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Durham College Student Association elections taking place this week

Tomorrow is the final day for students in the Faculty of Science and Information Technology to vote for their new director on the DCSA.

Students in the Faculty of Business and Faculty of Social and Community Services vote from April 4 to 6.

These are the final elections for the new DCSA board.

The executive chair and CEO position has been acclaimed by Megan Bent who currently holds this role. Meanwhile, the only faculty without any nomination is the Faculty of Media, Art and Design.

Charles Wilson, chief returning officer and operations manager at DCSA, says they tried to alert the campus community to the elections.

“So this year, if you look at the website, it’s well developed,” he says. “We sent four emails out to DC students about this. We have sent a community guide out to over a hundred administrators, instructors.”

Wilson says the only thing DCSA hasn’t done is class visits to talk about the elections.

He says it’s important for students to have a voice on the board so they should vote for the people they feel will best represent them.

Natalia Kondratieva is the current director of the Faculty of Science and Information Technology.

She was unopposed in last year’s election. This year, she’s campaigning and using her voice to interact with students to answer questions.

“I believe in democracy. It’s through open societies with which we can make great progress with innovation, research and technology,” she says.

Kondratieva says her parents’ Russian background leads her to be a voice for democracy in a safe environment like Durham College.

Daniele Echeverry is a mature student running for director of the Faculty of Business.

Echeverry says she wants to give back to the DC community.

“I have extra time. I want to make a difference,” she says. “As a student, I can do little things in my class and with my classmates, I can help them with certain things, but I want to do more. This governor position will help me to expand and get to know people.”

Both candidates encourage students to use their right and vote from March 28 through March 30.