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Donde Quiero Estar Quevedo’s true masterpiece.

From the opening track to the final note, Donde Quiero Estar is a musical journey that is not to be missed. The album’s themes, lyrics and production make it a standout release.

The artist successfully integrates more than eight genres throughout the album, showcasing Quevedo’s unique style and blending elements of flamenco, rumba and pop music. This creates a familiar and fresh sound, becoming the riskiest album done by a Latino artist since Un Verano Sin Ti by Bad Bunny.

The title track, “Donde quiero estar” is an ode to finding one’s place in the world. The song is a powerful ballad with emotive lyrics and a melody that echoes long after the song ends. Quevedo’s vocals are awe-inspiring on this track, as he conveys the longing and yearning of the lyrics with a raw, truly moving intensity.

Another highlight of the album is “Noches de Verano,” a cheerful, catchy, upbeat track that is sure to get listeners on their feet. The song illustrates how Quevedo can blend traditional Spanish music with contemporary beats and sounds.

The album also features “Solo Contigo,” a gorgeous love song that showcases Quevedo’s romantic side. The song is a perfect example of how Quevedo can compose poetic and relatable lyrics. The melody is unforgettable, and Quevedo articulates the emotions of the lyrics with raw intensity.

“Luces Azules” is a remarkable example of his capacity to merge rock music with emotional ballads. The song features a heavy guitar-driven, powerful and melodic sound, complementing the emotive lyrics. The rock elements of the song are well-executed and give the song an added layer of intensity: a must-listen for rock music fans and those looking for a powerful emotional ballad with a rock twist. This song again shows how Quevedo did not take the safe option with the album.

Throughout the album, Quevedo establishes that he is a master storyteller, with each song painting a vivid and poetic picture of the emotions and experiences that he is singing about. The album is a journey through love, longing, and the search for one’s place in the world.

The artist’s storytelling is truly remarkable.

Donde Quiero Estar is a true masterpiece that pushes the boundaries of Spanish music. It’s a daring and ambitious project that showcases the artist’s versatility and creativity. The album’s unique blend of traditional and modern elements makes it stand out in the Spanish music scene. It’s a must-listen for music lovers and it has the potential to be one of the greatest albums of Spanish music.

Quevedo has once again proven he is one of the industry’s most talented and innovative artists and is here to stay.