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Durham Lords men’s basketball on a roll

The Durham Lords are halfway through their basketball seasons.

The men’s team has an overall record of 13-2, while the women’s team has a record of 7-5.

Second year player Daniel Harris says the first half of the season went a lot better than the team expected.

They have only lost one pre-season game against the Niagara Knights and a regular season game against the Centennial Colts.

Most recently, they defeated St Lawrence College 79-70.

“It was pretty good,” Harris said. “We’ve been on a pretty good winning streak. We had some challenges. We lost a few players due to injury. It’s been a pretty good season so far.”

Two basketball guards were injured. Keeth Tenant received a knee injury while Oshane Taylor-Douglas injured his ankle.

Harris said the team hopes to get healthy over the break and come back strong in the new year.

“Be healthy,” Harris said. “ I think health is the biggest thing we are concerned about right now. We are a deep team.”

Adam Hosseini is the team’s current leading scorer, averaging 24.4 points per game. He finished the match against St. Lawrence College with 21 points.

Meanwhile, the women’s team also won against the St. Lawrence Surge by a score of 73-60 in their last match of the fall semester.

Brianna Morrison is the points leader on the women’s side, averaging 20.3 points per game.

The Durham Lords men and women’s basketball teams will compete against the Niagara Knights on January 6.