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Shein is affordable and fashionable

It’s easy to be bored at home during a mandatory stay-at-home order, so for many people shopping or browsing online is a way to spend time.

Many people on a budget turn to affordable online stores such as Shein, Romwe, Oasap and Choies.

Shein is an online store and app. The international fast-fashion brand, owned by Chris Xu, and founded in Oct. 2008, features products from China.

The website itself stands out because the colours change with the months. As we approach Valentine’s Day, for example, the site is red and pink. At Christmas, it was red and green. On the top nav bar, a flashing icon alerts shoppers to sales; a pop-up as soon as you enter the website shows sales and reveals discount codes.

Sometimes you happen to get lost just scrolling and adding items into your cart.

The website has multiple tabs from women’s, plus size, men’s, kids, makeup, shoes, bags, and even home decor. The page currently has a Valentine’s Day sale up to 20 per cent off – from there the shopping begins.

When adding items to your shopping cart, the total usually adds up fast. Many people add reviews with images provided on how the clothing or shoes fit, mostly all reviews say how much they love the product and the fit of the item they purchased. These reviews appear directly on the website.

Usually, Shein will have a promotion on free shipping if you spend over $100, which will grab the customer’s attention even more, and they will find enough to purchase for the free shipping.

Receiving your order will take around two weeks in total as it is coming from China, and it depends on how many of their items you have ordered.

When you receive your package, the carrier will leave it at your front door and ring the doorbell.

Each item you purchase always come inside a bag neatly folded.

Some items come with a tag that says Shein premium, and others don’t. The material of the clothing usually is thick and does not feel cheap. Although sometimes, the things in white tend to be see-through. Be careful!

In the reviews online, shoppers often put down how much they weigh and how tall they are as well as waist size. It is easy to compare your size to theirs before purchasing. When you buy the correct size, it should fit the way you want it to.

Something to keep in mind before your purchases are to read reviews to buy your proper size, and sometimes you may need a larger size than what your size is, depending on how the item is made.

Stores like these are made for people who are on a budget and can only afford fast fashion. Shein makes it possible to be trendy on budget.

Shein has an app and website where you can create a free account and go crazy.