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A ‘must watch’ series during the pandemic

How I Met Your Mother (HIMYM) is a binge-worthy Netflix series that you must watch during the pandemic.

Directed by Pamela Fryman and composed by John Swihart, HIMYM captures every emotion from start to finish through the life lessons learned and the characters’ developments.

The suspenseful storyline of how the main character, Ted Mosby, meets the mother of his children will have you hooked from the very first episode.


How I Met Your Mother starts with Ted’s college days and how he starts meeting people who will become his longtime friends.

Marshall is the first of Ted’s friends to be introduced in the series because the two were paired in the same college dorm room together. In college, Ted also meets Lily who becomes another longtime friend of Ted’s throughout the show, as well as Marshall’s college girlfriend, later, becoming Marshall’s wife.

The series catches all emotions as Ted and his gang of friends’ experience love, heartbreak, births, deaths, and overall life lessons.

The series grabs you from the beginning because the characters are so relatable. Whether you tend to get a bit wild like Marshall after a few too many and turn into ‘Beercules,’ or if you’re just eager to find ‘the one,’ like Ted.

In each character, you will start to feel a bit attached, because no matter who you are or what you do, you can most relate to a few things you’ll witness in HIMYM.

From cheesy to just plain bad pick-up lines, courtesy of another one of Ted’s friend’s Barney, to hilarious remarks from Robin, another friend of Ted’s, who happens to be a Canadian pop-star-turned-journalist-turned-morning-show-host throughout the series. You will laugh at jokes, cry over heartbreak, and roll your eyes at Barney, while bingeing through episodes, trying to answer the question, who is the mother?


Ted tells his story of meeting his wife by explaining to his kids every little moment that made up the bigger picture: how strangers became friends, friends became family, leading up to how he met their mother and how they came to be.

It’s easy to connect with a show that tells it how it is. Life is messy and it doesn’t always go your way.

Relaying to his own kids what his mother used to say to him, Ted reminds them, ‘Nothing good happens after 2 a.m.’

Recalling times in his life, where he can prove the theory right, he shares hard lessons with his kids that were avoidable had he listen to the advice of his mother.


From the sea of girlfriends, Ted claims he has loved; a variety of them seem to be ‘the one,’ but then get disqualified as the mother when the plot twists and heartbreak occurs. Or sometimes just having a friend like Lily, who sabotages all relationships, of which she doesn’t approve.

From being hesitant about knowing if the next girlfriend will be the one or not, the storyline keeps you curious in wanting to know what Ted must go through, just to find the actual, ‘one.’

Kids, there’s no better time than a pandemic to watch all nine seasons of HIMYM on Netflix.

Sit down with some popcorn, grab a box of tissues and get prepared for a rollercoaster of emotions as you watch characters grow up and learn the ropes of life right in front of your very eyes in a suspenseful and addictive storyline that will make you appreciate just how “legen– wait for it… dary!,” HIMYM is.

OSHAWA- A photo of the Netflix home screen focused on the series, 'How I met your mother.'
OSHAWA- A photo of the Netflix home screen focused on the series, 'How I met your mother.' Photo credit: Stephanie Lacarte