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’43’ is Number One

Who's the best Toronto Raptors player on this season's roster? The answer is obvious: Pascal Siakam.

Scottie Barnes: Best Raptor Rookie

Scottie Barnes is the best rookie playing on the Toronto RaptorsAs the 2021-22 NBA season continues, Scottie Barnes continues to prove why he is...

Kyle Lowry should continue to play for the Raptors after he becomes a free agent

The 2021 NBA draft is scheduled for July 29, putting the NBA’s offseason schedule back on track and the Toronto Raptors should look at...

The Raptors must act quickly to save the season

New Toronto Raptors fans might think of the dark days as losing to LeBron James in the Eastern Conference Semifinals. More seasoned fans will...

Kawhi Leonard was missed by the Toronto Raptors

and equally, Kawhi missed the Raptors.