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Why athletes across sports inflate their heights

A tall roster demands respect. But what happens when those players all listed above six feet, walk into a gym and you have to look down?

Scottie Barnes: Best Raptor Rookie

Scottie Barnes is the best rookie playing on the Toronto RaptorsAs the 2021-22 NBA season continues, Scottie Barnes continues to prove why he is...

The media needs to change its perception of Kyrie Irving

Brooklyn Nets' point guard Kyrie Irving is one of the most unique players the NBA has ever seen. On the court, he’s a superstar...

Basketball’s Canadian invasion

Canadian basketball has reached a highpoint.

Kawhi Leonard was missed by the Toronto Raptors

and equally, Kawhi missed the Raptors.

The NHL is the most socially unaware sports league in North America

The NHL needs to do more when it comes to promoting racial equality.