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Daniel Caesar’s Case Study 1 gets an A

Local singer, Daniel Caesar, supplies his fans with Case Study 1 - a catalogue of serenade-worthy songs with lessons of life’s complexities entwined in...

Lawrence: behind the band

"It was kind of a natural collaboration that someone who wanted to perform and someone who wanted to write songs that grew up in the same living room would kind of work together.”

Love + Fear Tour hits high note

Diamandis exceeded mediocrity, putting on a concert that wasn’t just good, but great.

How to get to a music lover’s heart

Music is known as the language of love. A shared musical taste is one of the most important aspects in romance and, arguably, whether or not there is a shared interest in genres can make or break a relationship.

Virtual concerts are way more ‘mello’ than you’d think

So… this may sound weird to people who don’t follow video game achievements but I attended my first virtual concert this weekend. It was...

Don’t ditch the pitch: the benefits of singing

Have you ever belted out a song in the shower? Rocked out alone in your car with the music blasting? Hummed along with your favourite tune?

Update the song of women and music

Beyonce says girls run the world, but not when it comes to the music industry. That needs to change.

Two 2017 albums that might make you feel something

As we make our (what seems to be flying by) way through the cold and wet days of 2018, I find myself stuck musically...

Ready The Prince plays Oshawa Music Week

Like many other independent bands, Ready The Prince, a trio indie/alternative rock band from the Toronto area is playing many shows for a few...

Women fight their way through the music industry

“Filtering” is one of the many challenges women face in the music and entertainment industry, according to several women from the industry who attended...