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Pandemic makes it difficult for local musician to find gigs

Will Surphlis, a 27-year-old musician from Courtice, played as many as 130 shows at pubs and bars across the Greater Toronto Area in 2019....

How music can help you succeed at school

Some students deal with stress by eating or exercising but for Dylan and Hayden Coker, music is what helps them succeed in school. Dylan,...

DURHAM’S MUSIC SCENE: Crown Lands bring awareness to Indigenous issues through music

Since the formation of Crown Lands in 2015, the focus of the band's message hasn't faltered. Through their music, educating and bringing awareness to...

Scorpion delivers on both sides

It's hard to pull off a double album with completely different sounds but hip hop superstar Drake does exactly that.

The West is Dead – HMLTD’s obituary is a genre not...

HMLTD is known for their erratic genre hopping but the angry vocals from earlier tracks have been replaced with a nuanced and calm delivery over political messages that have never been this "in your face" before.

Daniel Caesar’s Case Study 1 gets an A

Local singer, Daniel Caesar, supplies his fans with Case Study 1 - a catalogue of serenade-worthy songs with lessons of life’s complexities entwined in...

Lawrence: behind the band

"It was kind of a natural collaboration that someone who wanted to perform and someone who wanted to write songs that grew up in the same living room would kind of work together.”

Love + Fear Tour hits high note

Diamandis exceeded mediocrity, putting on a concert that wasn’t just good, but great.

How to get to a music lover’s heart

Music is known as the language of love. A shared musical taste is one of the most important aspects in romance and, arguably, whether or not there is a shared interest in genres can make or break a relationship.

Virtual concerts are way more ‘mello’ than you’d think

So… this may sound weird to people who don’t follow video game achievements but I attended my first virtual concert this weekend. It was...