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Sports as sanctuary: Students find mental respite in athletics

With all the demands and pressures of academic life, the connection between sports and mental health can often be overlooked.Yet, for some students, sports...

Gardens flourish at home, boosting mental health among Durham residents

Amidst the urban landscapes of Durham, residents are finding a surprising source of serenity: their own gardens. With Ontario contributing 44 per cent to...

From Italy to Canada: The evolving path of a painter

Painting is the expression of ideas, emotions, and certain aesthetics in a two-dimensional visual form, according to Britannica.Toni Hamel, a 62-year-old Italian-born painter, began...

Fake it until you make it

Feeling down is the natural response to a bad day, but in the world of sports, athletes aren’t allowed to have bad days

Teachers under pressure keep on keeping on

Teachers are leaving their jobs because they are burnt out.Rozeena Khan, a teacher of 20 years, has witnessed her fair share of teachers feeling...

Watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix this year could change your life

2021 likely has more surprises to come, but if more people watch this film, there's hope it won’t be a social dilemma.

First to arrive, last to be seen

The forgotten first responders.

DC students can get virtual support from DCSI

Durham College Students Inc. (DCSI) is hosting the Anxiety and Depression Group virtually this month.Prior to COVID-19, the Anxiety and Depression Group was available...

Mental health outreach programs needed in response to pandemic

Mental health resources should be readily available in response to COVID-19