Jaelyn Mosher

About the author

Jaelyn Mosher is a journalism student and reporter for the Chronicle. She is keen on creative writing and reading, and enjoys advocating for mental health. She can be found at jaelyn.mosher@dcmail.ca.

Looking to be part of campus life? There may be a club for you

“We have a little of everything under the sun.” Liz Chapman, student network and engagement coordinator at the Durham College Student Association (DCSA), says...

From Italy to Canada: The evolving path of a painter

Painting is the expression of ideas, emotions, and certain aesthetics in a two-dimensional visual form, according to Britannica.Toni Hamel, a 62-year-old Italian-born painter, began...

Lizzy McAlpine captures heartbreaking romance in Five Seconds Flat

Lizzy McAlpine showcases her telling’s of a heartbreaking romance with brutally honest lyrics in her second album Five Seconds Flat.

Opioid crisis puts pressure on paramedics

A new study has found the opioid crisis is putting more pressure on paramedics and emergency rooms. It's also influencing the way paramedics work...

DC offers multiple resources for students’ mental health, but some feel more hands-on support is needed

“I don’t know, I feel like it’s just not personal enough, I don’t feel connected to a person behind the screen.”

Students call for more inclusive food options

Durham College students with severe allergies and dietary restrictions feel that the current food options on campus are limiting their ability to access safe...