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Women’s reproductive issues: another thing for doctors to ignore

Doctors have long dismissed women's reproductive health concerns. @dc_lennon says it's time they start listening.

Histamine Intolerance… What the?

Many people are aware of life-threatening allergies like peanuts, but may not have heard of histamine intolerance. Chronicle reporter @veemarcelle shares how she has altered her diet to accommodate a histamine intolerance.

Don’t ditch the pitch: the benefits of singing

Have you ever belted out a song in the shower? Rocked out alone in your car with the music blasting? Hummed along with your favourite tune?

Feeling hot, hot, hot yoga

Chronicle reporter @ToJanisWilliams explored #hotyoga. Read about how the experience affected her body, mind and soul.

Float or flounder – my experience in a pod

Nothing could have helped acclimate me for my first dip in the pod.