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DC offers multiple resources for students’ mental health, but some feel...

“I don’t know, I feel like it’s just not personal enough, I don’t feel connected to a person behind the screen.”

DC offers health check-ups for international students

Canada is known for welcoming international students and Ontario is a prime example. According to Statistics Canada, almost one-third of post-secondary students in Ontario...

If you live in one of Oshawa’s priority neighbourhoods, your words...

Oshawa’s LivingRoom Community Art studio building recently closed because of the pandemic but the organization is still working online virtually to connect with...

Women’s reproductive issues: another thing for doctors to ignore

Doctors have long dismissed women's reproductive health concerns. @dc_lennon says it's time they start listening.

Histamine Intolerance… What the?

Many people are aware of life-threatening allergies like peanuts, but may not have heard of histamine intolerance. Chronicle reporter @veemarcelle shares how she has altered her diet to accommodate a histamine intolerance.

Don’t ditch the pitch: the benefits of singing

Have you ever belted out a song in the shower? Rocked out alone in your car with the music blasting? Hummed along with your favourite tune?

Feeling hot, hot, hot yoga

Chronicle reporter @ToJanisWilliams explored #hotyoga. Read about how the experience affected her body, mind and soul.

Float or flounder – my experience in a pod

Nothing could have helped acclimate me for my first dip in the pod.