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Diversity, equity and inclusion

Fine arts students at Durham College team up with the City of Oshawa to paint Oshawa in a better light.

Mik’s Making success by prioritizing mental health

Starting a business on Instagram is becoming more and more popular these days, but for 21-year-old Whitby resident, Mikayla Young, it has been a...

Oshawa artist creates art that connects and strengthens the community

“I work out of my apartment; my living room is essentially an art studio with a couch,” Dani Crosby says laughing. She works and...

RMG’s fine arts, photography on display in your home

Oshawa's biggest art gallery is combining two of its more popular events in virtual fashion.

If you live in one of Oshawa’s priority neighbourhoods, your words...

Oshawa’s LivingRoom Community Art studio building recently closed because of the pandemic but the organization is still working online virtually to connect with...

The RMG: a strong community connector

"[The RMG] makes it easy for people to learn, come together and understand more about art and how it can enrich our lives," says Leila Timmins, Curator and Manager of Exhibitions and Collections at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery.

Listen to “Falling in love with Florence”

Everyone knows about Tom Thomson and The Group of Seven, but not many people know about the female painter who influenced Thomson's style. Get ready to fall in love with art.

Local artist Jane Eccles threads stories through her work

When local artist Jane Eccles left teaching behind, she says she never looked back. Now retired, 69-year-old Eccles devotes her time to painting.

Arts activist, volunteer and mom: Barbara Murphy

"I haven't had careers at all, I was a stay-at-home mom for obvious reasons, and then when they got old enough so they didn't...

Culture Counts plans to bring more public art to Oshawa

Culture Counts is giving the power to the people. As a part of its Public Arts Master Plan, the city of Oshawa gave the community...