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DC men’s baseball works through pandemic

Editor’s note: Chronicle reporters are examining how select programs at Durham College and Ontario Tech University have responded to the teaching and learning process...

Ontario Tech professor’s advice to government to fight COVID-19: ‘Shut it down, completely!’

An Ontario Tech professor says the best way to beat COVID-19 is a complete and total lockdown of the population.Dr. Wally Bartfay, Associate Dean,...

DC grad promotes Oshawa Generals on social media

Oshawa General Social Media Coordinator and their Cinderella story.

A VOLUNTEER’S STORY: Durham College students support students in Guatemala

Editor’s note: According to Volunteer Canada, International Volunteer Day takes place every year on Dec. 5 to shine a light on the impact of...

COVID-19’s community impact: Booming season at Kedron Dells

Busy like the year 2000 when Tiger Woods was on the scene.