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Intramurals connect people who want to play sports and make friends

Intramural sports can be a way for students to relieve stress and meet new people, according to Christie Atwood, the campus recreation coordinator.

She loves the opportunity it brings for students across the college.

“Intramurals means the opportunity for students to be active, have fun, to be social and have a positive experience outside of the classroom.” Atwood said. “Ultimately, it means social connection through recreation.”

Current intramural sports this semester include badminton, ice hockey, basketball, pickleball, volleyball, and soccer.

Scott Dennis, director of Athletics and Recreation at Durham College, said studies show students involved in activities such as intramurals and varsity sports have a higher GPA.

“It strengthens student engagement. It gives them something to do.” Dennis said. “Intramurals is a time where they can get away, play a sport that they love, meet new friends, and get away from the things that might be stressful in their lives.”

Balancing both sports and school can be challenging but for Natalie Hale, a Kinesiology student at Ontario Tech University, doesn’t mind the balance of both.

“I really don’t find it that stressful because in the evening I’m not as productive with school because I work during the day.” Hale said. “I like how intramurals are in the evening and you also have time to catch up with friends.”

She also met new people at intramurals, which helped when she was living in residence.

“I was able to get a lot of people from residence to come try out intramurals because a lot of people didn’t know about,” she said, “and that’s how I met my whole friend group, through intramurals.”

Winter registration starts in January. Sports offered will include basketball, floorball hockey, cricket, badminton, soccer and volleyball. Most leagues will start in early January and late February, and all will end the first week of April. The minimum number of teams can be six but the maximum can twelve.

To register, students go through the recreational portal on the Durham Lords website. They pay $20 per sport to enter a recreational or competitive program.

When registering for a team it’s also on a first come, first served basis and can be submitted online through the website.