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New mural in Pickering Village celebrates local history and community pride

The Pickering Village has been a staple for residents in the Ajax/Pickering Area since the 1800s, offering shops, restaurants, and big events.

The Village hosts long-standing shops like Sauter’s Inn, a German-themed restaurant, and The Village Ice Cream Shop, alongside newer additions such as KC Pets and Omar’s Rug Company.

The Village is also right next to Dufferin’s Creek which has two trails for exploring Durham’s nature and fishing spots across the forest.

A few years ago, to highlight The Village’s historical and artistic significance, a mural was introduced during the latter stages of the Covid-19 pandemic. This project involved collaborations with JonnyOneThree, Paint Factory, Mostly Letters, and The Whiten Family.

Deputy Mayor Regional Mayor Marylin Crawford shed light on the importance of the mural. “The reason why there’s fish in the mural is because Dufferin’s Creek used to be called Salmon River,” she said. “The salmon was a food source in the community back then and it was great to display it in the mural.”

The mural not only features salmon from Dufferin’s Creek but also incorporates large logos, trees, and rocks, symbolizing the gateway from Dufferin’s Creek to Pickering Village.

Entering The Village, you get a medieval theme reminiscent of the 1800s. The shops, ranging from those established in the late 1990s to recent additions like KC Pets, contribute to this nostalgic feel.

The mural includes a brief history of The Village and insights from the muralists who put it together. Toronto-based artist Jesse Watson of Mostly Letters said he enjoyed working with Signs of Life, John Colwell, and the Town of Ajax. “This mural will serve as a symbol of the pride that is so rightfully abundant in the area,” he said.

While The Village hosts some events like the Jazz Festival, Food Truck Frenzy, and Winter Festivals, The Village is most known for its quaint retail shops and the courtyard.

According to local councillor Rob Tyler-Morin, The Pickering Village is one of the most unique places in all of Durham Region. He said that The Village uniquely balances fast-growing urban development with preservation

“There are events such as Jam Fest and Christmas in The Village,” she said. “If you haven’t been here, make sure you come back and see for yourself because of the potential and imagination it has to offer.”