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Timbiebs are not all that

In Tim Hortons’ first major collaboration with an internationally-celebrated Canadian musician, the result is stale rather than fresh.

On November 29, 2021 Tim Hortons released Timbiebs with Canadian artist, Justin Bieber. The collaboration introduced three new flavours of Timbits and limited-edition Tim Hortons merchandise.

What the company has done is add extra to existing Timbits and called them Timbiebs. For this collaboration, Tim Hortons added a Timbiebs logo to a fanny pack, a hat and a tote bag.

The new Timbit flavours (birthday cake waffle, chocolate white fudge and sour cream chocolate chip) sound great in theory but when it comes to taste, only one is worth the bite.

Starting off with Birthday cake waffle, which is the best out of the three. This Timbit is birthday cake Timbit, which is one of Tim Hortons most popular flavours combined with waffle flakes and cinnamon.

It is the only good one out of the three.

The chocolate white fudge Timbit is decent. It is the basic chocolate Timbit combined with white fudge pieces, which the name suggests.

Sour cream chocolate chip was already doomed before it came out. This Timbit is the sour cream glazed Timbit with chocolate chips added to it. The sour cream glazed Timbit is one of Tim Horton’s tastiest sweets, but with the added chocolate chips, it is now one of the worst.

Besides the Timbits, there were also limited editions merchandise. The merchandise is a little more promising than the Timbits.

First, there is a basic black “Timbiebs” toque. It is basically just a simple black toque with the Timbiebs logo and a little brown patch that says: “Tim Hortons x Justin Bieber.”

The fanny pack is a nice teddy bear brown with the same letterings on it as the toque.

The tote bag is a simple canvas colour with the classic Tim Hortons logo, but still has the same design as the toque and fanny pack.

Overall, Tim Hortons should just stick to the classics when it comes to Timbits. As for the merchandise Tim Hortons might be on to something.

They should continue doing merchandise collaborations with Celebrities, maybe The Weeknd or Drake are next up.