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Mac Miller wanted you Swimming in a Circle

Circles (2020) is the last album Mac Miller worked on before he passed away at age 26 from an accidental drug overdose in Sept. of 2018. Miller leaves behind many hit songs and awards earned throughout his 11-year career.

Circles is Miller’s most versatile album, making it the best yet because fans can relate to the emotional journey conveyed in the lyrics and tone as well as to the legacy the rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer left behind.

From his 2007 Pittsburgh hip-hop days to his chill-out aesthetic vibes before he passed, Miller kept his passion for music authentic by expressing his true thoughts and gratitude to his fans.

Grab your hiking boots and head out the door. This is the best way to experience Miller’s lasting impression. You won’t be shamed if you choose to dance this album out in the car either – your call.

Once a Day“, the last track on the album, shows a shift in lyrical dynamic.

“It never really mattered what I had to say, I just keep waiting for another open door to come up soon. Don’t keep it all in your head, the only place you know nobody can ever see.”

Along with softer lyrics, Circles is also laid back because of its overall lighter tone and diminished use of expletives.

Turning on “Hand Me Downs“, the eighth track on Circles, will help you relax after a long day with a slow melody guiding you to restoration through Miller’s low-toned, peaceful voice.

“I been keeping it together but I’m feeling strange, get away when it ain’t really safe and it don’t seem right,” from Hand Me Downsgives the listener a chance to relate to the lyrics and interpret Miller’s message for themselves.

He was able to use his lived experience and turn it into audible art for listeners everywhere.

Listeners across the globe are able to enjoy his slow and easy-going tempos through lyrics that display his character growth as an artist.

His legacy will live with fans forever, and his last album is enough to convert a non-listener to a superfan.

A screenshot of Mac Miller’s tweet from August 2018, a month before he passed away.
A screenshot of Mac Miller’s tweet from August 2018, a month before he passed away. Photo credit: Twitter

Circles is Miller’s best album.

It paints pictures of self-reformation and character growth, both journeys we all embark without even knowing it.

With Miller, you’ll never have to go in Circles to find meaning in a song.