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Music for your Lumin-ears

The Lumineers (Deluxe Edition) released in 2013 by The Lumineers is arguably the band’s best album.

The meaningful song lyrics sway the emotions of the audience and work to either cheer up your afternoon walk or as a queue of background music as you curl up with a cup of tea.

This deluxe version of the album has 20 tracks and, as a result, dives deeper into what it’s like to go on tour with the band than the original version of the album.

The live version of the song “Slow It Down” is exclusive to the deluxe version and features clearer audio, including background sound elements. The lyrics “some love was made for the lights, some kiss your cheek and goodnight” tells a story anyone who’s ever had a broken heart can picture for themselves.

The meaning behind the words later in the song, “act like you’ve been here before, smile less and dress up some more…tie your scarf real tight, these boys are out for blood tonight,” paint a mental image and make the listener dig for a deeper connection.

The ambient sound of the crowd in live performances on the album lets the listeners identify with other fans and adds authenticity to the raw emotion conveyed behind the lyrics and instruments.

Wesley Schultz, the lead singer for The Lumineers, has a voice that is able to dance intricately in the minds of those willing to listen.

With a careful ear, a contemporary but nostalgic personal narrative can be found in every song.

According to Apple Music, “Ho Hey”, is one of the most popular songs on the album. It has an upbeat tune that is sure to get anyone in a feel-good mood.

It’s a song you can sing with your best friends gathered around a campfire or alone in the shower – anything works.

The use of simple sounds such as the tambourine and chanting of “ho hey” in the background adds a personal and intimate touch because the audience can follow along, performing their best impression of the band, and connect to the uplifting tones.

This album has simple looking cover artwork at first glance, but a deeper, more suggestive meaning is rooted within.

The band chose to show the title in white capital letters and included a photo of a mother and her young daughter in sundresses with what looks like the biggest sunhat the child has ever worn.

Choosing black and white to capture the moment between mother and daughter evokes emotions of romance and delicacy: feelings that everyone regardless of heartbreak or not, dreams about.

The simplicity of colour tells a story on its own, but the photo impacts each person, which is the best part. It’s subjective.

Nostalgia is an underlying concept throughout this album with folk-sung lyrics that bring about memories, new or old, to listeners, new or old.

The Lumineers (Deluxe Edition) is the best album produced by the band because of sentiment behind the album, the meaning behind song lyrics, the emotions listeners feel, and their interpretive cover artwork.

How many deluxe connections can you make to The Lumineers?