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A Canadian show with Black creators sharing their passion

CFC BLOCKO! is a Canadian show in which six Black Canadian Film Centre (CFC) alumni share what films and people inspired them to be what they are today.

CFC BLOCKO! aired Oct. 14, and new episodes premiered every Wednesday on YouTube and Instagram TV until Nov. 25.

The first episode was “Truth to Power” with director and executive producer Clement Virgo, an accomplished and celebrated author, director and producer. He is best known for co-writing and directing a six-part CBC mini-series of Canadian writer Lawrence Hill’s Book of Negroes. The series aired in 2015.

“Truth to Power” started with an interview speaking about how Virgo’s work is extraordinary and inspiring.

In the documentary, they show clips of the film Virgo has created. His movie is powerful. It draws your attention because the audience will want to watch more of the film to find out what happens next.

The scenery was filmed so cautiously in slow-motion and stood out as a result because not all films are shot this way.

Virgo discusses how he went to school for fashion and turned out to be a talented film producer and director. He then continues to explain how he had the chance to build his career the way he did.

Virgo wanted to make a feature film, but he had to submit scripts, storyboards and pitch a movie that he wanted to produce and generate for everyone to watch and learn to love. Virgo loved films, and he wanted to create the best films he could.

After he attended film school, he made a short film based on the Black community. It was the start of his career, reflecting on a balanced approach to African-Canadian themes.

The way he went into detail on his career is inspiring because it teaches the audience to never give up on dreams. If you go to school, for one thing, you can always turn it around and be something else, how Clement Virgo did.

During tough times like the current global pandemic, the documentary’s interview portion had to be filmed over Zoom. This is a unique way of creating a show because it usually would be in person but over Zoom is currently the best option for visual and audio purposes. The way the movie was edited was unique and managed to have the audio overtop of Virgo’s mini film clips.

Overall this show is excellent. It’s educational and delivers the message that it is possible to go to school for one thing, turn it around, have a whole new career, and a successful career. Virgo attended school for fashion then proceeded with Film Production, as he speaks on this in the episode.

It’s great to learn how Black creators create a story and put it out for the world to watch. This perspective gives non-Black audiences a window into what the Black community goes through every day.

You can stream CFC BLOCKO! on