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From Whitby to the world: How Khrystal Thetford is painting a path to success on social media

In Durham Region, Whitby-based artist Khrystal Thetford has discovered that social media platforms provide more opportunities for growth than the local arts...

Social Media shouldn’t target kids

Facebook announced it was planning on making a kid’s version of Instagram for kids under 13, in early 2021. In September, Facebook announced...

How might big tech and social media become regulated and will it be enough to regain trust in journalism

Media consumption and digital communication tools have evolved over the last two decades and politicians, citizens and journalists have used these tools to participate...

Watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix this year could change your life

2021 likely has more surprises to come, but if more people watch this film, there's hope it won’t be a social dilemma.