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Walleye closure maintains fish population and health

Walleye fishing in Scugog has been closed since the start of the 2016 season as a precautionary measure to keep the fish population safe....

The harsh realities of climate change could make landfall in Durham

There is a possibility of another Hurricane Hazel.

Oshawa flooding possible due to climate change

While the frequency of severe floods could rise, the risk of houses situated in these areas being flooded and destroyed rises as well.

Climate catastrophe has a deadline

At the most recent UN Climate Action Summit, Greta Thunberg said, “This is the biggest crisis humanity has ever faced.”

Tanya Roberts sustains her childhood aspirations

A singular experience opened Roberts' eyes to the social inequalities and the severe issues around good health and well-being.

Picking up garbage is a lot less trashy than it sounds

People need to take the initiative to pick up trash and put it where it belongs.

How a Town called Ajax got its name

  When the opportunity came for Louise Johnson to work at Defense Industry Limited (DIL), she took it, with the blessing in the only letter...

The long history of the Pickering Lands

“We’ve lived here on the federal lands since 1980,” said Mary Delaney, describing how she came to be involved with advocacy group Land over Landings...

DC’s plans for geothermal energy centre ‘heat up’

DC’s plans for geothermal energy centre ‘heat up’ Durham College is set to get a little more green next year as the aging Simcoe Building...

The history of water: Lake Scugog

Scugog Island is located 20 minutes away from Durham College’s Oshawa campus, but while we can drink the water that comes out of our...