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Pandemic proof

A look into how the Durham Lords' varsity esports teams are surviving and thriving during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lords’ basketball star player on pause, but not halt, during...

Kendra Oliver, 19, is a “once in a lifetime player,” said Heather LaFontaine, Durham Lords woman’s basketball coach.Oliver has played basketball with her sister,...

Lords must win to secure second place in the OCAA East

"We're just going to play harder and smarter. We want to end the season on a good note," says Kendra Oliver.

DC Lords women’s basketball will win it all

Really talented team on both ends of the floor has been shining all season long.

Esports’ emergence levelled the electronic playing field

Esports is unlike any other sport. When it comes to regular sports, an individual is limited to the physical capabilities. With esports, there is...