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Climate isn’t just changing, it’s in an emergency

Climate change has been making news lately with multiple municipalities in Canada and jurisdictions in countries around the world.

The harsh realities of climate change could make landfall in Durham

There is a possibility of another Hurricane Hazel.

Oshawa flooding possible due to climate change

While the frequency of severe floods could rise, the risk of houses situated in these areas being flooded and destroyed rises as well.

How can ‘climate change’ the weather?

The ice caps are melting, the sea levels are rising, and the temperatures are climbing. These are all well-known side effects of global warming but as recent weather indicates, storms are also intensifying.

Picking up garbage is a lot less trashy than it sounds

People need to take the initiative to pick up trash and put it where it belongs.

Oshawa tackles climate change with food

What you need to know: Government of Canada has made new commitment to climate change Food production and transportation are major sources of greenhouse gasesĀ and environmental...