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Sofia Mingram: Capturing the present to cherish in the future

Sofia has cherished the art of photography since her early childhood.She said photography allowed her to “see people from a different angle and a...

Reviving retro: How YYZ Clothing is bringing vintage styles and sustainability to West Durham

As the loose-fitting fashions of the early 1980s and 1990s make a comeback, West Durham has found its vintage haven in YYZ Clothing.Launched...

Green entrepreneurship: Durham College student launches eco-friendly dandelion project

Warm weather in Canada ushers in blue skies, green grass and sunshine, but they also marks the return of a common homeowners challenge: dandelions....

COVID-19’s community impact: Brew Wizards prepare for battle

The battle against COVID-19 continues...

COVID-19’s community impact: Booming season at Kedron Dells

Busy like the year 2000 when Tiger Woods was on the scene.

COVID-19’s community impact:  Zip lines running full speed at Treetop Eco-Adventure Park

Editor's note: This is one in a series of articles chronicling the effects of COVID-19 on businesses and organizations in Oshawa.“This year we had...

Whitby Farmers’ Market ‘makes a community’

Building economy and community.