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From family booth to community staple: The evolving story of Whitby Farmers Market

Leslie Forsythe has been a staple at the Whitby Farmers Market for over a decade, ever since her son initiated the Forsythe Family...

Durham College leads the way in sustainable agriculture education

Canada's agricultural education is flourishing, with a new generation of students eagerly embracing the diverse opportunities in the field.These students are not only learning...

The end of an era, aging farmers leave family farms’ future in jeopardy.

For two centuries, the Jones family has farmed their land just outside Castleton, Ont., a legacy now facing an uncertain future. Their ancestors, originally...

Oshawa’s first vertical farm founder discusses key challenges in the agriculture

Derrick Stevenson, the founder of Oshawa's first vertical farm Mighty Harvest, has shared the unique challenges he encountered as a young entrepreneur in the...