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'Journalists of The Chronicle' is a collaboration of all the chronicle journalists. Whenever more than one Chronicle journalists work on the same story, or work on two very similar stories the story will be under 'Journalists of The Chronicle', authors of the stories can be found in the "Tags".

Human Trafficking from a global perspective

Interactive Land Where We Stand Story Map

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Lords headed into OCAA Championships in good spirits

Lords headed into OCAA Championships in good spirits. UPDATE: The Fanshawe Falcons cruised to a 92-63 victory to advance to the semifinals. In Saturday's consolation semifinal...

Students react to the strike

Durham College students are back in the classroom after a five-week strike by faculty. Christmas break has been shortened, the semester extended and some...

Face off: Is pursing the NHL dream worth it?

  Many boys growing up in Canada dream of becoming a great NHL hockey player but according to the book, Selling the Dream, by Jim...

Deconstructing black female stereotypes

Movie review about Hidden Figures from two separate Chronicle writers; Euvilla Thomas and Tommy Morais.  Hidden Figures: An iconic box office success for women everywhere  Black...

Meet the members of Durham’s Peru project

A contingent from Durham College is teaming with an educational partner in Peru. Learn more about the Peru project in this report.