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The YouTube beauty community is toxic

Although it may be unintentional YouTubers are contributing to toxic beauty standards among girls and women.

The common-sense challenge makes sense

A Utah teen caused a car accident after she attempted to drive with her eyes covered for the Bird Box challenge. Keep in mind — nobody in the Netflix original with the same name actually attempted to drive blindfolded.

Online hate becoming more common

“F--- you bitch...” “You.. Are.. F---…UGLY!!!” “I just hope you die.” These are examples of comments made anonymously about American YouTube personality Jenna Marbles. In...

Social Media: The good, the bad, and the ugly

    VS.     INTRODUCTION: Essena O’Neill, an Australian model, made headlines after she traded the perfectly crafted captions on her Instagram posts for the real “Behind the Image”...

The rise of Canadian music

The number of Canadian singers and bands with songs on the Billboard Top 100 chart has increased drastically since 2006. This is because people...