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That is fackin’ good food

With many rave reviews @FgfVegan, Chronicle reporter @VeeMarcelle decided to chomp in teeth first and find out what is so fackin' good about the place.

Local restaurant makes vegan desserts divine dining

Can desserts be healthy, as well as tasty? Twenty1 Desserts owner Tijana Bogdanovic thinks so.

Move over steak, there are other proteins in town

Skip the steak and order … the salad? A recent study out of Dalhousie University has found that Canadians under 35 are three times more...

Less meat and more veggies to live a healthy life

Nathan Deschamps, 23, has been a vegan for 9 years. At 14-years-old, Deschamps decided he was done with eating meat. After watching a documentary which...