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How to get to a music lover’s heart

Music is known as the language of love. A shared musical taste is one of the most important aspects in romance and, arguably, whether or not there is a shared interest in genres can make or break a relationship.

Can high school sweethearts pass the test of time?

First loves. Butterflies in your belly, holding hands in the hallways, first kisses, these memories fade but before pushing the idea of first love...

Toxic relationships are not romantic

From Netflix's latest hit, YOU to Orange is the New Black, toxic relationships have become an obsession in television.

How to get your crush in 10 days

“If you want something you never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” An old saying by Thomas Jefferson is...

Is romance being swiped away?

Tinder - does it scream one-night stand or the ringing of church bells? It’s no match.com or eHarmony but it’s the romance app of...