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DC’s Pichl, Joensen shine in athletics, academics

What does it take to succeed as both an athlete and a student? One word - planning. That’s the message from two athletes who...

A successful basketball coach

Deluxshan Pathmanathan, lead assistant coach of DC Lords men's basketball team, has accomplished a lot.In 2014, Pathmanathan volunteered to be a coach of...

Recruiting at DC, UOIT seeks to find more than good athletes

Each year during their sport’s season, coaches at both DC and UOIT work hard to lead practices, play games, and maybe get to the playoffs. But they are always looking at the next season. Coaches double as recruiters for their respective teams, searching for more than the best athletes.

Vaso Vujanovic: A Hall of Fame soccer story

Vaso Vujanovic, 77, came to Canada in 1966, knowing little English, and now he has a soccer field in his honour. Vujanovic grew up in...