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DC Dental Hygiene program sinks teeth into COVID-19

Dental Hygiene is a program at Durham College (DC) that traditionally requires students to work on real patients.So how does a program with about...

Stuart Reid techs so profs can teach

“He's been kind of like the campus’s best kept secret. That’s how I see it...."

Les Jacobs, the man beyond the research

Even though a lot of what he does is collecting and analyzing data, Jacobs likes to know how the numbers affect people, to better help individuals or communities.

Campus gamers come together to raise money for DC students

More than 100 students came together to play video games at Durham College - but they weren't necessarily there to kill time, beat their...

Esports Arena manager grateful DC’s investing in gaming

Sarah Wagg was sitting in a Toronto board game cafe in March when she learned she had been hired as the manager of Durham...

Simcoe and Conlin, an ‘unsafety zone’

One year after the death of Ontario Tech University student, Rhyss Glenfield, road safety for students at Durham College and Ontario Tech is still...

Durham students deliver message about fire safety

Durham College’s (DC) firefighting students are bringing awareness to fire prevention and safety.Students in fire safety programs, including the Fire, Life and Safety Technician...

Lynch takes to the stage when not at work

Not many people on campus know the head of campus security doubles as an actor in his spare time.

Third term’s a charm for college president

The fifth president of Durham College (DC) has, so far, spent 33 years in the college system and every one of those years has helped him practice the craft of being a passionate leader.

Tom Lynch: Striving to keep the campus safe

Find out just what Tom Lynch does as the Director of Campus Safety @DCUOITChronicle @CourtneyDCJour