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Ontario Tech strike deadline looms

Faculty at Ontario Tech have presented an ultimatum to the university - solve our labour issues or professors will go on strike Jan. 31....

Don’t Buy the iPhone 13

The growth of innovation in phones has slowed over the years.Companies like Apple release phones every year and the result is smaller upgrades with...

DC’s in-person convocation could return in June

Convocation is a special time of year for students and staff of Durham College (DC). For students it’s a time to celebrate with friends...

Bancroft museum preserves history

Editor's Note: This story is part of a series called the Land Where We Stand (LWWS). Uncovering the hidden stories about the land our community is built on is what the Chronicle's feature series, the LWWS, is about.

Recognizing the Métis

A boy who is adopted by a man and woman to give him a home is grateful for the life he lives, however, later...