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Musician Sue Foley takes the world by storm

Sue Foley spent most of her childhood surrounded by the sounds of rock n’ roll. Growing up, music could be heard through the walls of the house, whether it was playing from a stereo or being strummed on guitars.

Foley is a blues singer, guitarist and songwriter whose love of music began in Ottawa. Her musically inclined family helped shape her passion for the blues.

“My father was a musician and he played guitar, my brothers played guitar. It was a family thing. I just felt really musical as a child and just strong in music,” she said.

Now based in Texas, Foley is on tour with her band after recently releasing her fifteenth album. Her career hasn’t been without challenges, but since she first picked up the guitar, she knew that music was her calling.

“I just always knew I would play music, so I’ve been able to get through anything, whatever the hardships are, the ups and downs,” she said.

Over the years Foley has turned to many music influences that have shaped her music and who she is as a musician today.

The Rolling Stones introduced her to blues music, while she also counts blues legends like Muddy Waters, Memphis Minnie and Bessie Smith as among her favourites.

Throughout Foley’s long career, so many moments have stuck out to it’s hard to reflect on just one.

“I’ve had a lot of experiences. I was able to perform with some of my heroes down in Texas and I’ve been able to tour with a lot of my heroes,” she said.

Performing has been something that Foley has always been passionate about, including taking part in the annual Jungle Show in Texas.

“We have a sort of a supergroup that we perform every year around Christmas in Austin. That’s always a super fun time,” said Foley.

Michelle Gare, Sue Foley’s manager, was friends with her for five years before working with her. Gare manages Foley’s work, which allows her to remain creative while in the industry.

“The best part of working with Sue is being able to help contribute to someone’s career and growth,” said Gare.

But having a successful career that lasts decades does not come without some struggles.As Foley has progressed in her career, there are plenty of challenges that she has had to overcome.

“The main obstacle is staying positive, staying in good spirits, keeping your skills strong,” she said.

Foley recently released a new album, called Live In Austin Vol. 1. For Foley, putting out new music never gets old.

“It refreshes you, it challenges you, so it’s always good to keep moving forward,” she said.

She is touring to support the new album, including making a trip back to Canada.

“Right now, it’s great to be back home in Canada. That’s where we launched this tour and we launched this new album, so that’s always special,” she said.

Reflecting on her tour, Foley smiled and said it wouldn’t be possible without the support of her fans.

“Every night I go out to meet the fans. I go out to spend time, take pictures and be face to face with them,” she said.

From the moment she started her career her fans have always been special to her, hearing them enjoy her music and have a connection with them is something she says is important to her.

“It’s really important to them, but it’s also really important to us to kind of know who’s there and that these are real people,” she said.

If not for her family’s passion for music and her fan’s constant support none of this would have been possible, she adds.

From starting off hearing the sounds of music being played throughout her childhood, to decades later playing music for fans across the world, her future holds strong as she continues on her journey.