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DJ Ritesh Patel’s inspiring journey of music and determination

In the heart of the Durham Region, an emerging artist shines: DJ Ritesh Patel, better known by his stage name, Plus Play.

Patel’s journey, marked by a lifelong passion for music and the ability to keep crowds dancing no matter where he performs, is a story of determination and adaptability. From his early years in India to his current successes in Canada, Patel’s story shows how dedicated he is to music and how well he can do in new and different environments.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought his career in India to a halt. Even though things were hard, Patel didn’t give up. He went to Canada to study further. To manage the responsibilities of being an international student, he temporarily put his DJing career on hold. Yet, his love for music never changed.

“I wanted to make my own identity. It’s about following your passion and leaving your mark,” he said.

Patel recently graduated from Durham College in Canada after completing a course in event planning. His DJ career, however, started nearly a decade before in India.

“I used to perform in various cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Jaipur, and many more, in front of thousands of people. It was an incredible experience,” he said.

Every artist seeks to carve their unique identity, and for Patel, the inspiration came while attending a friend’s DJ performance. Witnessing the way he interacted with the crowd, and the admiration his friend was receiving from the audience, Patel knew he wanted to follow a similar path.

Despite his family initially questioning his decision, he kept pushing forward.

“Music means the world to me, and I wanted to follow my passion,” he said.

A crowd listens to DJ Ritesh Patel
DJ Ritesh Patel energizes the crowd at the Simcoe Blues and Jazz Halloween party, November 3, 2023

When asked about the artists who have influenced his work, Patel mentions The Weeknd, a well-known Canadian artist. “His music style is fantastic, and people love it. So, I play his music in my sets,” he said. He also incorporates the music of Canadian rappers like Drake into his performances.

Patel plans his sets with both Canadian artists and Indian artists like Divine and Emiway in mind. He loves the depth and emotion in Indian music and enjoys sharing it with his audiences in Canada.

“I play diverse music to suit the crowd. It’s essential to connect with people through music,” he said.

Exploring different genres also gave him an opportunity to grow as an artist.

“In India, we primarily have Bollywood and Hindi music, but in Canada, it’s a multicultural country with a diverse audience. So, I needed to explore more genres like hip-hop, R&B and country music,” he explains. This shift broadened his musical style, making him a more versatile DJ.

Another difference he observed between India and Canada is the level of competition. “In India, there’s a vast number of DJs and intense competition. In Canada, there’s less competition, which has opened up more opportunities for my career,” he said.

His Canadian journey began just last year, but he has already made significant impacts and received positive feedback from the crowd. “I’ve performed in various cities, and I’m working on expanding my business here,” he said.

Patel’s parents have also come around to his decision of being an artist. They watched him perform in front of a large crowd in India and couldn’t hold back their tears of joy. “‘You are my rockstar,’ that is what my mom told me,” he said.

Parinaz Asim was in the audience at Patel’s last gig and said it was memorable. “Ritesh’s music resonated with everyone. He managed to explore music genres that I hadn’t heard before, making the night unforgettable,” she said.

Besides making songs, Ritesh has also put his event planning degree to use. He just recently put together the 2023 Journalism Awards at Durham College. His journey from India to Canada shows how well different cultures can work together. It also shows how strong and flexible you need to be to do well as an international student following your passion.

With each beat he creates, Ritesh crafts a world that resonates with his audience. Just like he was influenced by his friend’s performance, he hopes he’s now inspiring others to chase their dreams.

Despite the challenges of balancing studies, work, and his DJ career, Patel has no regrets. “I never regret following my passion. It makes me happy, and I’m earning a living from it,” he said.